The Name

We came up with “In The Sknow” as a play off of the phrase “in the know” and the actual act of being in the snow at resorts.


Although only 50% of our four person team was made up of snowboarders, our two counterparts were 100% behind the same cause. As User Experience Researchers they saw an issue among users that they were capable of remedying, which put everyone into gear to get this project on its way.


After conducting interviews and surveys, we compiled a list of common pain-points that we noticed in multiple interviews.

Problem Statement

“Individuals new to Colorado have had issues with planning extensive trips due to the lack of personal knowledge and overwhelming options that Colorado has to offer.”

The Solution

We believe that a well constructed filter system would become an extremely useful tool to search and find the perfect resort whether the user is visiting from out of town, or just looking for a new local adventure.


Our user research culminated in a created user persona that was easy-going, focused, and only a bit spontaneous. They crave adventure and are driven by incentives and adrenaline. Gary is the perfect user for a tool designed to discover new resorts. The next question is, what does a user like Gary look for in his next adventure?

Ideation Phase

Looking back at our user interview data, we categorized the information, resources, and amenities that users look for in planning a trip to a resort. The key takeaways were that users emphasized the need for local eatery information, and maybe even a forum to refer back to past users experiences.

Feature Prioritization

We then moved onto the 2x2 matrix to really pinpoint features that we needed to focus on. Something that mattered the most to us was providing a forum for users to look back at previous experiences other users had to help them make a decision on which resort to choose.

Task Flow

User Insight

  • Loves winter sports
  • Desires a way to explore his options before planning a trip
  • Likes to change things up, wants to try different resorts as often as he can


Competitor Analysis

The best way to choose where to go with our site was to see how other resources are functioning and taking the best and worst aspects into mind when constructing our site.

User Testing Plan

When running users tests we focused on two of our major flows. The “find my mountain” filter system was extremely important because the main aspect of In The Sknow is this flow. The user selects everything important to them, and the site calculates which resort would suit them best.


When deciding on our style guide we started with creating a day-time aesthetic as well as night-time. We ultimately went with the lighter color scheme to project that we were mainly focused on day time activities. We chose the yellow accent colors to resemble caution or “slow down” signs while on a run at resorts.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Our low fidelity wireframe construction was where we made the most important decisions.

Iterations, and High Fidelity

When moving into high-fidelity, we conducted a few more user tests to really round everything out, and make sure it would be the optimal experience for our users.

High-Fidelity Prototype

Once we were satisfied with our high-fidelity mock up, we moved into prototyping and ran some more user tests to gain as much feedback on the design as we could before wrapping up the design process.


As designers, we know a thing or two about coding. We decided for the sake of the vision we would code three pages of the site, that you can find here.

Next Steps

  • Inform new residents about In The Sknow on resources such as Nextdoor, and local Facebook Groups
  • Advertise kids activities and events at local schools/daycare facilities
  • Reach out to resorts for sponsorship
  • Follow up emails with surveys and promotions to not only strengthen our following and encourage spreading the word, but to continually improve the site itself
  • Create a VIP membership based on past bookings to ensure future business

Thank you!

Overall during this project we have overcome some obstacles and pulled through to bring together a site that we are extremely proud of. Thank you for taking your time to read about our journey with In The Sknow!




Hey there! I’m Sarah, a UX/UI Designer based in Denver, CO. Aside from Visual Design and User Research, I enjoy making art of all kinds in my free time.

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Sarah M Coleman

Sarah M Coleman

Hey there! I’m Sarah, a UX/UI Designer based in Denver, CO. Aside from Visual Design and User Research, I enjoy making art of all kinds in my free time.

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